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Virtually all medications have side effects. It could be the medicine, the dose, the route or the biochemical individuality of the patient. At Florijuana Medical Center, we want you to know the side effects of marijuana and how to reduce them.

The main side effects of marijuana are due to the psychoactive THC component. It is important to start out at a lower dosage and slowly increase as needed over time. If you are sensitive to inhaling, try edibles or sublingual. Drink lots of water.

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Paranoia and Anxiety

Edibles are the worst offenders because of the delay in feeling the effects and its erratic absorption. It is recommended you start with a lower dose and then increase. THC relieves anxiety at a low dosage, but can increase it in larger dosages.

If you are susceptible to anxiety, we suggest taking extra CBD at the same time. CBD counteracts THC effect. Smelling or chewing a small bit of peppercorn will also help. Patients prone to psychotic episodes are not a candidate for THC medical marijuana.

Dry Mouth and Red Eyes

THC causes dilatation of the vessels of the eyes. The smoke can also be irritating. Rare cases of allergy to cannabis exist - if you know or suspect you have a cannabis allergy, please inform your physician as soon as possible. Vasoconstricting eye drops are recommended while using cannabis products.

The dry mouth is caused by cannabinoid receptors in the salivary gland. This causes a decrease in saliva production. Drinking more water and chewing gum can help.

Hunger (Munchies)

THC stimulates appetite. You can curb this by adding high CBD to the mix.
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Sleepiness and Lethargy

Most people prefer sleepiness, but if you must be alert at work or while driving, we recommend Sativa strains with high CBD for daytime use. Indica strains are sedating, while Sativa is energizing. You may also try cannabis-infused coffees or teas to keep you alert.

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