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Finally the Florida legislation has gotten their act together and approved the much awaited rules to implement the will of 71% of Florida voters.
Several important changes include:
  • Deleted the hated 90 day rule. Patients can obtain the medicine now. No more waiting three months to relieve the suffering.
  • Increased the number of growers and dispensaries in Florida. More product, better prices and availability are coming.
  • Increased the staff of the Compassionate Care Act to answer patients and doctors questions over the phone. 
  • Included chronic pain caused by disease as a qualifying condition.
Stay tuned for updates.

Florijuana Medical Center Mission Statement

Florijuana Medical Center seeks to help qualified patients with documented medical conditions such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, seizure disorder, chronic debilitating pain, or any other ailment that is approved by the state of Florida as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. We do not promote the casual or recreational use of cannabis or any other prescription medication. We don’t recommend smoking (burning) marijuana. We condone the use of cannabis as a medication in accordance with state law, as it is a proven treatment for medical conditions.
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